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Why rent Green?

Environmentally Friendly

We are New Zealand’s first hybrid only car rental company.Great fuel economy means more money in your pocket, less pollution and a very small carbon footprint for your holiday. Why not save money and keep New Zealand green at the same time.

Safe and Comfortable

It has both an electric and gasoline engine, regenerative and ABS braking, a futuristic transmission system which together adds to a very quiet safe and comfortable drive. Driver fatigue is a thing of the past. Feel fresh and alive when you arrive at your destination.

Peace of Mind

Hybrid vehicles are robust and reliable. It does not have alternators, starter motors, distributors, cam chains, gears. The engine runs at much lower revs and temperature than a comparable gasoline engine. Our in-house detailed maintenance schedule will ensure that all our vehicle operate at peak efficiency.

We Accept Bitcoin

A global currency for a global market. We are the only New Zealand rental company that accepts Bitcoin.

New Zealands First And Only Hybrid Rental Service

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we accept bitcoin

Which hybrid is for you?

Travelling on a budget

Toyota Prius Gen 2 00-01 Small, comfortable, and easy to drive. The 2nd generation Prius offer excellent fuel economy at price for the budget conscious. Boasting excellent fuel economy @ 4.9L per 100 kms the Gen 2 Prius is your ticket to a cheap Kiwi holiday.

Need a bit more space.

Toyota Prius Gen 3 04-09 The 3rd generation Prius offers similar fuel economy to the Gen 2 @ 4.5L/100km. But the hatchback shape and fold down seats allow you to get in that extra luggage and travel mementos. This Prius set the standard for hybrids and is our most popular rental model.

Bringing the family

Toyota Alphard Hybrid 05-07 Style, comfort and space. The Alphard Hybrid in 7 or 8 seat options has plenty of room for the whole family. Loaded with on board entertainment options to keep the kids entertained while you drive.

Our Fleet

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Green Rental is a division of our main business The Battery Clinic. Green Rental provides low cost hybrid vehicle rentals, that cost you even less to run, as you travel our great country.

We are a team up with the play with hybrid technologies and dedicated to bringing the savings and benefits of hybrid vehicles to our customers. We do it all. We service and repair our own hybrid cars and HV batteries enabling us to bring this technology to you at an affordable price.

The Battery Clinic reconditions hybrid battery packs and together with our specialist servicing, have doubled the expected life of the main NIMH battery pack in these vehicles. This has enabled us to offer hybrid vehicles for rent at the same price as conventional vehicles. SAME PRICE – MORE SAVINGS means we can offer our customers the cost savings over the whole range of hybrid vehicles. Add to this the benefits of space, safety, comfort and a lower carbon footprint, our customers always leave us happy having saved money and doing their bit for the environment as well.

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